We are as professionals dream big and intend to change the way that other software is sold and implemented in organization today.

Software Development, Internet Marketing, Web designing and management.  At that time it was more about satisfying customer with the technology that was in the budding phase. We worked hard and put in extra effort to make the business of our customers grow digitally. That is the reason, if you check our portfolio you will realize that our existing client base is so strong that formal marketing to acquire new customer has never been done.

The philosophy of our company that each and every employee believe and implement by heart is that customer is right and should be offered something extra. That is the reason our staff puts in extra efforts to listen to and resolve customer queries to the best. Customers represent the heart of our business while our employees are the backbone to it. So we make sure that they are not just a bunch of technical staff but rather a team of motivated individuals. For that we provide technical and soft skills training to them.  This gives us unique edge, as any moment they can be contacted and you see the best of them.

As we have experienced working with companies of diverse background, mentioned in our portfolio section, we have mastered a number of situations, giving us an edge in our domain. We believe in learning and mix in the technical skills with creativity to make procedures and concepts that have generated greater cash flow for our customers in the past and even today. We not only focus on making new system rather we study the old one and try to optimize that first.  The worth mentioning part is that our solutions are long term and up to date, so you get greater Return On Investment (ROI) with a small investment as a customer.

I was hired first time to develop customize solution for student management system,down the line i felt that this domain has immense zenith to endeavor with. we believe that learning never ends. We are all learner, learning from and with one another in a global school that encompasses a lifetime of experiences.From discovering new ways to use emerging technologies to connecting students and teachers with the right resources.

School/College ERP has achieved state-of-the-art in the management techniques and has come up with comprehensive solution for the school/College management & OmegaITSolution's other software.


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